Getting to Fraser Island – Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay?

There are currently two separate towns that run ferries to and from Fraser Island. They are both off the Bruce Highway and are about a 1.5-hour drive from each other. The first town is called “Rainbow Beach” and the second (further north) town is called “Hervey Bay”. If you drive all the way up to Hervey Bay and go across on their ferry you are dropped off onto the Western side of Fraser Island at a resort called “King Fisher Bay Resort”. If you go via Rainbow Beach you are dropped off at the bottom Eastern side of the Island called “Hook Point”, where most of the attractions on the island are. Both ferries have their advantages and disadvantages but in the end, the Rainbow Beach Ferry – called “The Mantaray Barge” comes out on top for ease and convenience and we recommend taking this one to all our customers…. here is why:
The Hervey Bay ferry is much more expensive – during peak periods the ferry is $205 plus $5 per passenger – the ferry from Inskip Point is only $130 return with no extra cost per passengers.

The Hervey Bay Ferry has set sailing times that need to be pre-booked especially during peak periods and they only run about 4 -5 times a day. The ferry from Inskip runs from 6am – 5pm every day, you do not need to prebook, the ferry will either run every ½ hour or if there is a line of cars it will just go back and forth as needed.

The Hervey Bay Ferry takes much longer – you need to be there ½ hour before your departure and sailing time is about 50 minutes – the ferry from Inskip is only 10-15 minutes from pick up to drop off.

The Hervey Bay Ferry drops you off at Kingfisher resort – it takes about 1. 5 hours to get from here to the Eastern Side of the Island where most of the attractions are – Inskip point ferry drops you off at the bottom of Eastern Side of the Island – where most of the attractions are.

Our 4WD hire office is right next door to the Mantaray Barge Office where all of your camping, vehicle access permits, and ferry tickets can be purchased with ease! After that it’s only a 25-minute drive to Inskip point to collect the next ferry and head over to the Island to start your next adventure!
Happy adventuring.
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